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Virtualisation is the 'Hot Topic' in IT today!

As hardware becomes ever cheaper and more powerful it is typical for most systems to be heavily underutilised - normally only 5-15% of the processing power in a server is used and internal disk drives are full of empty space.  In the traditional model though, when we want to install a new application we end up purchasing yet another server in order to ensure the application does not disrupt, or is not disrupted by, other applications in the environment.  This results in rapidly expanding data centres requiring ever more power, cooling, floor space, management systems and networking infrastructure.   

Virtualisation provides the answer.  By moving to a centralised storage technology such as a NAS or SAN, all the servers share the central disk and are only allocated what they need.  By implementing a Virtualised Server infrastructure, one hardware server can now run multiple virtual servers. As the Virtual servers are no longer dependant on the physical hardware, it then becomes possible to manage a cluster of hardware servers and automatically redistribute running virtual servers to balance processing power and demand, even shutting down surplus hardware at quiet times to reduce power usage, whilst the applications continue to run without user impact. These management abilities can also ensure high availability in case of a hardware failure or maintenance requirement.  Backups become a centralised task performed by a secondary server attached to te SAN whilst the primary servers continue to serve the applications - allowing true 24x7 operation with no performance impact during the backup.

The technology can then be extended to Virtualise the Desktop environment.  The user's PC becomes a Virtual machine within the data centre.  The user can retain access to their personal environment but now access it from anywhere in the world using a simple remote desktop application available on even the most basic of PC's.  You ensure your data is always kept secure within the data centre, whilst centralising desktop support and maintenance and escaping the never ending PC upgrade cycle.  Indeed you could even save power and office air conditioning by replacing power hungry pc's with low powered thin client devices. 

We have partnered with a number of organisation including the market leader VMware to ensure we can deliver the right solution for yourselves give us a call to discuss how we could help.  
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