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Backup your data without the nightmare of tapes
Your data is likely to be the lifeblood of your business.  If you loose it, you may well loose your business as well.  It is therefore vitally important you can be sure your data is securely backed up and readily available should the worst happen.  Traditional backup methods rely on magnetic tapes being manually swapped each day and stored in a safe remote location.  Even if you do follow this practice, there are many disadvantages including:
  • reliance on someone swapping the tapes;
  • reliance on someone checking the job log and understanding if it worked or not;
  • tapes get lost - so you can't restore your data, but because the data is not normally encrypted anyone finding them can read your confidential data;
  • tapes jam and get damaged so they can't be read back;
  • Off site tapes are not quickly available to restore that vitl file.
The modern solution is to transmit your data in an encrypted format to a remote data centre via the internet.  Because your data is encrypted and you are the only one with the unlock key, no one else can read it.  Because it is sent via the internet, it is immediately off site in a secure location, and that critical file is always immediately available to you via the internet - wherever you are.
Backup Direct offer a complete range of online backup solutions to cope with the director's laptop that contains all his critical data but never gets backed up, to the entire data centre.  Contact us to discuss your requirements further and we will assist you in developing an appropriate backup solution for your business.  Alternatively follow this link to Backup Direct now for a Free 15 day trial.
Contact us now. Tel: 0117 956 3623