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If you are considering refreshing your hardware and IT infrastructure - there is an alternative approach saving a substantial capital outlay. In simple terms, Hosted Desktop is a fully managed 24x7, secure, enterprise class IT solution running in state of the art data centres.  Operating on a fully flexible cost-per-user, per-month price plan, your business simply pays for the number of users and the tailored solution you require with no up front investment in server infrastructure or client software licences. You are able to utilise the full power of the extensive environment, providing a secure, fully maintained and scalable IT service which delivers all your standard and bespoke line of business software applications together with a user support desk.


  • Full management 24x7, with data hosted in state-of-the-art data centres
  • Simple monthly budgeting through subscription-based rental of IT services
  • Ease of management through centralised IT environment
  • In-built business continuity with location-independant access
  • Superior remote working capabilities, including access via the internet
  • License management for legal compliance
  • Inclusive helpdesk and technical support service
  • Advanced data protection via encryption and multi layerred security and backup

  • Customisable email and web content filtering
  • Email and file archiving options
  • Integrated Blackberry™ mobile email service option
  • Enhanced disaster recovery options, with real-time data replication available
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