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Free IT Review

We will provide a Free introductory ½ day IT Review for qualifying companies.

We will conduct a high level review of your current technology, policies, practices and procedures before producing a document summarising our findings and recommending the next steps to improving and developing your systems. We will comment on any specific issues you bring to our attention or we discover.

Free Backup Online Trial
Data is the lifeblood of most businesses, should it be lost, then the business is likely to be severely impacted and may not survive.  Critical data can normally be found on PC's - especially laptops and in the network servers.  Good business practice would ensure all data is regularly backed up and stored securely in an off site location, but this is easier said than done - can you be sure your data is secure?
We have teamed up with backupdirect who provide backup solutions via the internet to secure data centres around the country.  The solutions range from securing a few critical files on the odd laptop whenever it connects to the internet (wherever it may be), to securing the entire data centre. 
Please click here to learn more and enjoy  a free 15 day trial.
Contact us now. Tel: 0117 956 3623